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A place to note down issues in the code base that you didn't have time to fix. My hope is that the page gets used as a place to note issues with code you aren't familiar with, and the person(s) that are can come along and clean it up.

Please make the descriptions noted clear.

BulkImport Tab

  • Multiple file selection

Current Import code

  • HandsAction.street is not set to -1 when a player gets to showdown as documented - HudCache appears to get this data. Makes "red line" graphing impossible at the moment (ie. showdown vs non-showdown winnings)
  • Probable issue with import times - from Eleatic Stranger

This is a minor problem I discovered when looking around in the database. The time at which a hand is played is not recorded properly. The time stamp is an hour early:


mysql> select max(handStart) from Hands;
| max(handStart)      |
| 2009-04-04 18:06:10 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select utc_timestamp();
| utc_timestamp()     |
| 2009-04-04 17:16:49 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

(This was done ten minutes after finishing a session; max(handStart) should have been 17:06 rather than 18:06.)


  • Graph refresh isn't working for everyone - when refreshing the graph a second/third/… plot appears. Looks like the canveas is failing to be destroyed and that may not be the correct thing to do.
  • Whole file needs a refactor… that code is what happens when you start learning a language and cut/paste from everywhere.
  • Dates being pulled need to factor in timezone. Attempting to graph a single day appears to get the wrong data depending on timezone.
  • Need to add higher granularity to selectable time. Many poker players sessions run past midnight.


  • Player cards dont appear to be in the database (Issue in old import code)
  • Fulltilt Razz showdown cards not shown (showdown missing entirely?)
  • Fix output of maxseats for all sites (PokerStars kludged) - currently always get 10max hud layout for 6 max game. (Need an optional MAXSEATS attribute in re_HandInfo, then set in each hhc)

  • Could really use the ability for most classes to take a -c argument to specify an alternate config for testing both automated an manual
  • Can save back HH_path from autoimport
  • Config dialog?
  • FIXED? - Make "enabled" tag in site line actually not ruetern the site in conf.supported_sites(.keys())

DB schema

  • Hands from mixed games are not flagged in the db—so you can't tell a holdem hand in HORSE from one in a regular holdem game
  • Import/export db to file.

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