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Please add developer info here (or get someone else to) if you think anything is missing. Useful info would be required and useful software including which version you are using and whether it works ok or not.

Developer Notes on new Import and Analysis interface

Developer FIXME/request list

Sections in this page:

  • Git tips
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Useful Links

Git Tips:

Developer git repositories.

Developer Git page Repository
Main (Steffen) git clone
Eratosthenes/Poker_Ray git clone
Ekdikeo git clone
Sorrow/Carl G git clone
SQLCoder git clone git://
MCT git clone

My .gitconfig:

        name = Username
        email =
    ci = commit -a
    co = checkout
    st = status -a
    praise = blame

    whitespace = strip

    color = auto
    rename = copy

    color = true

    color = auto

Commands to show current status:
git branch -a          list all branches
git remote -v          list all remotes
git status             show files changed since last commit
git log                show project history

diff commands:
git diff <file>                show local changes to file (not added)
git diff --cached <file>       show local changes to file (added to commit list)
git diff <commit_hash>         diff between current commit and <commit_hash>
git diff <hash1> <hash2>       diff between 2 commit hashes
git diff --name-only .         diff current dir vs. last commit

Shorthand remotes:
git remote add steffen
git remote add nuto
git remote add mct]
git remote add eric
git remote add carl
git remote add sqlcoder

Allows you to:
git fetch carl master
git pull carl master

Pulling a branch from one repository to a branch in your own:
git co -b localbranchname remote/branchname
git co -b sitebeutral carl/siteneutral


Required Software:

  • a database
  • python
  • fpdb
  • git

Useful Tools:


Required Software:

  • a database, generally either MySQL (which most people are using) or Postgres
  • python (generally version 2.5)

To get the graphs working you will need the matplotlib and numpy packages:

  • fpdb
  • git

Useful Tools:

  • Eclipse
  • Notepad++ Editor
  • PSPad Editor
  • MySQL GUI Tools
  • Micros$$t XML Notepad 2007


Required Software:

  • a database
  • python
  • fpdb

Useful Tools:

Useful Links:

git (are there better guides?)

web analytics

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