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Hi, welcome to my minimal git guide for fpdb devs!
You can use a git version just as user as well of course, but as there are generally hardly tested it is not advised.
I'll expand this on request, if you have any questions just send me a mail at steffen(at) There's also a bunch of instructions at

0. Getting it

To get git for gentoo just do emerge git -av
Windows go to and install it.
Ubuntu / debian: sudo apt-get install git-core

1. Cloning the fpdb git tree

Just create a new directory (lets say ~/fpdb/ ), go into it and type:
git clone moc.buhtig|tig#moc.buhtig|tig:ChazDazzle/fpdb-chaz.git

2. Making your changes

You can use whatever you want to do edit the files. I personally use nedit and occassionally Eclipse.

3. Making a (local) commit

Unlike in svn you don't need to be online to make your commits. First we need to tell git what to commit, so go to the root of your fpdb directory and type:
Now press u and enter. It will display a list of all changed files. If you want to commit all files just press * and enter twice to return to the main menu. If you want to commit only certain ones press the number of the file and enter and repeat until you have all the files. Then press enter again to return to the main menu.
If you added any new files press a and Enter, then type the number of your new file and press Enter twice. Press q to leave git-add
Now create a file for your commit message (I call it since_last_commit.txt) but don't add this to the repository. In the first line of this file put a summary of your changes. Then give some details of your changes, try to mention anything non-trivial and definitely any user-visible bug fixes.
Then run this:
git-commit -F since_last_commit.txt

4a. Pushing the changes to your own public git tree

Do this OR 4b, not both.

4b. Preparing changeset for emailing/uploading

Do this OR 4a, not both.

5. Pulling updates from the main tree

Prep work (once only)
git remote add phil moc.buhtig|tig#moc.buhtig|tig:philroberts/FPDB-for-OSX.git
git fetch phil qt-fork
git pull phil qt-fork


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