Hand Object


The Hand object is the internal, site neutral hand history format used by fpdb. Text hand histories are first converted to a Hand object before analysis and storage in the database. See the Hand.py module in the source.

Data Attributes


This is the gametype dict that contains the information required to initialize the Hand object.
gametype = {'limitType': xxx, 'base': xxx, 'category': xxx}

limitType is one of ('nl', pl', 'fl') for no limit, pot limit, and fixed limit, respectively.
and base and category are as follows:

Game base category
Hold'em hold holdem
Omaha hold omahahi
Omaha Hi/Lo hold omahahilo
Razz stud razz
7 Card Stud stud studhi
7 Card Stud Hi/Lo stud studhilo
Badugi draw badugi
Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball draw 27_3draw

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