How to make a Release

How to Make a Release

The Release Checklist is locked and I can't change it. So here is an up-to-date release procedure. Begin when your local git repo is ready to release to general users.


We do not have a formal test procedure or test suite. This is something we should work on. In the meantime, I have been using the candidate release source to import a variety of HH files to both MySQL and PostgreSQL. I check the stat viewer screens and graph viewer. Then play some poker and make sure the HUD is working.

Update the VERSION Variable in the Code

Currently at line 56 in We should put that in HUD_main also. This version number appears in the fpdb title bar and should agree with the tag name in the next step. It looks like this:

import Configuration
VERSION = "0.11"
class fpdb:

Check Your Repo

Make sure that your local git repo is the version of software that you want to release and that you have commited everything that you mean to be in this release. When I test before a release I test in the repo folder to ensure that I am testing the code I intend to release.


Navigate to the root of your local git repo and create a tag denoting the new version. Then push to your public git repo. For example:

[your repo]$ git tag 0.11.1
[your repo]$ git push free_poker_tools

Create Files

There is a shell script in the utils folder to create the compressed source files for uploading to Sourceforge. They are meant to be run from the root of your local git repo and will put the files in your home directory. This script is Linux only! For example:

[your repo]$ utils/ 0.11.1

will create files fpdb_0.11.1.tar.bz2 and in your home folder.

Upload Files

The easiest way to upload the release files is to use sftp. For example:

[you@localhost ~]$ sftp
Connecting to's password:
sftp> cd uploads
sftp> put fpdb_0.11.1*
Uploading fpdb_0.11.1.tar.bz2 to /home/users/p/po/poker_ray/fpdb_0.11.1.tar.bz2
fpdb_0.11.1.tar.bz2                                              100%  312KB  44.5KB/s   00:07
Uploading to /home/users/p/po/poker_ray/                                                  100%  353KB  44.2KB/s   00:08
sftp> ^D

Create Change History and Release Notes

Here is another area where I've been pretty negligent. My change history usually says something like: "fixed some bugs and added some features." It is possible to automatically create a change history from the git comit history. This might be too detailed.

Release on Sourceforge

Go to Sourceforge and click on manage packages/releases. You should get this page:

Fill out the forms.

Announce on 2+2

Add a post to the epic fpdb thread announcing the new release. Give the version number and a few words saying what it is about and who needs to get it. Don't forget links to the Sourceforge dowload page and your public git repo. Ask one of the friendly moderators to update the title of the thread. A good title might be: Free/open source poker tracking software: FPDB - (v 0.11-mucked card display) - 07-APR-2009

Now go play some poker.

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