Release Checklist

This is what should be done for every release

  • Update gentoo ebuild (this means rename it to the new version's name)
  • Run it over a good selection of different filetypes (e.g. one for PS LHE ring, one PS PLO ring, one PS razz tourney, etc., my testfolder currently has 13 files in it)
  • Run - this does show some errors, if there's any that aren't listed in the wiki they're new and therefore a regression.
  • In GUI check that bulk import and table viewer work, check auto import works and that the HUD comes up ok. (do these once with mysqldb but not psycopg installed, and once the other way round)
  • Pack the relevant files using to a .zip and a .tar.bz2
  • Upload the files to sf and use to make a new release in fpdb
  • Tag the git revision
  • Update Roadmap in Wiki
  • Make a post in the 2+2 forums, copy to an sf news announcement and the fpdb mailing list. Also use this for the release notes.
  • ask _dave_ to update post title

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