Project Suggestions

Sometimes someone will ask "How I can help with fpdb?" Here is a list of bite-sized projects that a new dev could undertake that would be useful to the overall project. Before starting one of these, it would be a good idea to ask on the mailing list or irc channel if the project is still needed.

  • Take over the windows installer. I would scrap the current installer and use py2exe (and maybe NDIS) to package a windows version.
  • Do the work needed to make a package for your favorite Linux distro (e.g., write a SPEC file for fedora).
  • Write a standalone program that would update tournament results in the database. That is a program that would look in the db, detect new tournaments and then get the player's results from PokerStars or Official Poker Rankings or where ever and stick them back in the database.
  • Write the code needed to detect poker client windows on OSX. I think the HUD would work on a Mac if poker clients were detected.

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