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Q: I downloaded fpdb - what now?
A: Please go to the install page to find install instructions for your Operating System.

Q: I followed the install instructions but now all that happens when I double click fpdb.py is that a (black) window opens for a moment and then closes again.
A: Please check the pyfpdb directory for a file called fpdb-error-log.txt. This should contain an error message. If it's not covered by this FAQ please check Get Help/Contact/Get Help page of this wiki. Note that the most significant part of the error message is

Q: fpdb-error-log.txt contains an error like this (key bit of info is the number 2003):

_mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (2003, "Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)")

A: This means MySQL isn't running.
A/Windows Vista: Have you installed MySQL manually using the link provided at the beginning of the Install in Windows? If not please uninstall MySQL and reinstall it manually.
A/Windows general: Please ensure you rebooted after the installation. If that doesn't fix it right click "My Computer" (German: "Arbeitsplatz") and select "Manage" (German: "Verwalten"). You then need to open the services (under software and services I think) dialog, find mysql and select start service. You should probably set it to autostart mysql. This is a bug in either the MySQL installer or, far more likely since it happens even with MS SQL Server, a bug in Windows.
A/Linux: You need to start MySQL. Generally this will be possible using a command like "/etc/init.d/mysql start". The procedure to automatically start it varies by distribution, in Gentoo Linux you simply type "rc-update add mysql default".

Here are some common mysql error messages and their cause:
1044 - unknown database specified (You probably need to create a database named fpdb.)
1045 - wrong username or wrong password (They are changed in the HUD_config.xml file.)
2002 - mysql not running (Start mysql. It is in services.)
2003 - mysql not running (If it won't start you probably have a mysql installation problem.)

Q: What happened to default.conf?
A: It's gone. Just use HUD_config.xml now.

Q: What sites does fpdb support?
A: So far just PokerStars (PS) and Full Tilt Poker (FTP). Everleaf also works with a third party hand converter (see next question).

Q: Can fpdb support another site?
A: Absolutely, but some work would be needed for more sites. Most importantly, at the moment fpdb can only work with text file hand histories. The best and easiest way (in our opinion) to support more sites would be to write a converter that takes the history file from site X and converts it into the format that PS or FTP use. If you don't understand this answer just mail me a history file from your site to steffen (at) sycamoretest.info and I'll let you know.

Q: What's happening with Table Viewer (tv)? Why is it marked obselete?
A: tv was only intended as a stopgap measure to allow testing&use without having to develop a HUD. Now that a HUD has been added tv is not very important anymore and is not getting much love, however I am going to at least drag it along for the time being, at least until the HUD supports everything important. Note that tv only works with MySQL backend.

Q: Why does it say "Failed to load libs for graphing", and why do graphs not work?
A: The error message says that it could not find optional support programs (pylab, numpy and matplotlib). However, this only means that graphing doesn't work. Everything else including the HUD will work just fine. This error is easy to fix in Linux and Mac (see the Get Help/Contact/Get Help page of this wiki). If you use Windows wait for the next Installer or if you know what you're doing manually install the three packages, here's the links: pylab, numpy, matplotlib

Q: After an update I get the message "Strong warning-invalid database version" - what do I do now?
A: Fpdb won't work until you re-create your database. This will delete your entire database so please have your history files handy so you can re-import them. Then run fpdb, open the Database menu and click "create or recreate tables". Confirm the question, this may take a bit if you had a large database. Now open the Importer menu and select Bulk Import to re-import your histories. If you want to play poker whilst the bulk import is still running just open fpdb again and use it as normal.

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