Roadmap / Known Bugs

Release Schedule

We will make releases based on 2 criteria: 1) there is something new and exciting, or 2) it has been a while and there are bug fixes, etc. that should be of interest to the users.

Committed to unreleased version 0.11

  • Import - "Plugin" mechanism to support additional sites. Currently additional sites will appear as being PokerStars
  • Import - Native Everleaf support using plugin mechanism (NHLE, PLHE, FLHE, PLO supported)
  • Import - Bulk import has had a major update and should act smarter. Can now be run standalone.
  • Import - Preliminary HORSE support added.
  • HUD - Frames on player stats made optional
  • HUD - Several issues with the HUD crashing on table closing fixed.
  • HUD - "Scrambled stats" with and without preferred seat fixed.
  • HUD - totalProfit added as new option.
  • HUD - New AUX window interface. Write your own HUD window and have it update dynamically
  • HUD - New mucked windows display (uses new aux windows interface)

New in version 0.10

  • HUD - Tournament support
  • HUD - Left click drag of player windows (no more double click to move)
  • HUD - Shift click resizing of player windows (no more double click to resize)
  • HUD - Players windows should now follow tables when they are moved.
  • HUD - Color/Opacity/Transparency settings for player windows.
  • HUD - Mucked card window (Howto Mucked Stud Cards)
  • Grapher - Speed improvements
  • Grapher - Layout reorganisation.
  • Grapher - Filter by date range
  • Grapher - Graph multiple sites
  • Grapher - Export to image file (NOTE: very alpha, will overwrite files without warning)
  • New player stats page - Available under Viewers->Player Stats (tabulated view)
  • Faster bulk importing

Known Bugs in version 0.10

  • HORSE (and other mixed games) do not import correctly
  • The player stats report doesn't always fit the window correctly. Drag it wider.
  • Some player names with special characters throw errors—the tool tips for those players do not display.
  • There might be some import problems when using PostgrSQL.

Full Tilt Importing Problems

  • Tournaments do not import correctly.
  • Some hole cards in stud games are not imported.
  • There is a problem with multiple side pots in Stud8 (and probably other games, too). Might also be a problem with Stars.
  • FTP file with only one partial hand causes error(?)

Some Things to Do

  • implement steal and positions in stud
  • fill check-/call-raise cache fields
  • Display how many Tourneys have been played against each opponent and their ITM %, Net Won (not tournament chips won) and ROI (dont think this is properly importing

Things (potentially) requiring database design changes

convert ante to an action so that it can be all-in. also store it in gametype
store raw hand in db and write reimport function using the raw hand field
add first writing version to settings table
find solution for capped in parseActionAmount
change definition of bet to exclude bring in
add stats: resteal and fold to 3bet

Expanding Game Support

rebuy/addon tourney support
rakeback/frequent player points
Playmoney support

HUD things

make 3 default HUD configs (easy (4-5 fields), advanced (10ish fields), crazy (20 or so))
HUD: use different colours according to classification.

Blackbox/general testing

check we're reading mucked cards from PS
printplayerflags on ps-lhe-ring-successful-steal-by-cutoff.txt and second stud hand, finish existing regression tests
update blackbox testing to include all-in
make sure totalProfit shows actual profit rather than winnings.
run blackbox on one hold tourney hand and one stud tourney hand


graphs for SD/F, W$wSF, W$@SD
Generalise the graph interface to make adding filters simpler.
All-in equity.
Showdown winnings
Non showdown winnings.
Game filtering.
Session filtering.

From 2+2:
1. In the graph having a button named "Show sessions" would be nice.
Clicking on it, would show vertical bars indicating when a session have had started. On the y-axis you could additionally show the date.
2. Split up the graph relating to different sites. That means, one for PS one for FT and one that summarizes all sites.
Then the option to select which sites are summed up in the final graph would also be nice.


move any remaining all-in text filters into goesAllInOnThisLine
separate all gui and all processing into files that are named accordingly
ensure that there is only one db handle flying around and that its state is handled properly, ie. by the GUI. i think that might be why we have to reconnect the DB in tableviewer.
why do we have to reconnect in tv.read_names_clicked? (sqlcoder may have stumbled on this, now has fix - Carl G)
move and to utils
file permission script, use games group
change save_to_db into one method and probably move into parse_logic
handle errors properly, in particular wrt to SQL rollback.
update prepare-git to check for license header and copyright.


wikify abbreviations.txt
wiki page for windows install for with and without installer (based on website)
(steffen) wiki page for gentoo install (based on website)
finish updating filelist/wiki it
finish todos in git instructions/wiki it
change tabledesign VALIGN and add link to webpage
howto remote DB
move all user docs to wiki
(steffen) contributor list on webpage
validate webpage
Wiki page for updating

Database things

(carl) pgsql recreate doesnt work, and it may not store version field on creation if using sql file with pgadmin.
SQLite support (discuss with carl if you want to work on this)
setup database, database-user and permission from GUI (ie. database wizard)
make port configurable
allow use of unix socket and the windows equivalent instead of TCP/IP

UI improvements

move default.conf stuff to HUD_config.xml and move that to proper location (Done Alpha 9)
export settings[hud-defaultInterval] to conf (Done Alpha 10)
copy stderr rather than redirecting it
make linux use /etc/fpdb for config first, then ~/.fpdb.
anonymiser script to generate testdata/facilitate bug reporting. remember to replace hand no with running no
make display error if wrong or missing db lib
update status or make a support matrix table for website
make hud display W$SD etc as fraction.
catch index error, type error, file not found error
offer not storing db password
make bulk importer display a grand total in the GUI
config wizard
fix GUI's load profile


create little test script for people to run to verify successful installation of pydeps
Windows: make requirements configurable so people who already have some can skip those parts
Debian/Ubuntu: create package
Gentoo: update ebuild to alpha6, allow pgsql backend, USE gtk, set permissions in it, copy docs to correct place, use games eclass or whatever to get games group notice, git-ebuild, get it into sunrise

Other fpdb things

expand instructions for profile file
maybe remove siteId from gametypes

web analytics

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