HUD/table viewer

Stat Meaning
A3-7 3rd-7th street Complete/Raise percentage
AF Flop Bet/Raise percentage
AT Turn Bet/Raise percentage
AR River Bet/Raise percentage
F3-7 3rd-7th street Fold percentage
FF Flop Fold percentage
FR River Fold percentage
FT Turn Fold percentage
HD Hands
PF3B4B Pre Flop 3Bet or 4Bet
PFR Pre Flop Raise
Postf A Postflop (ie. flop+turn+river) Aggression%
Postf F Postflop Fold %
SD/F Showdown/Flop=WtSD=How often player went to showdown when he saw the flop
W$wsF Won $ when he saw flop
W$@SD Won $ at showdown
VPI3 Voluntary Put In on 3rd Street (ie. call+complete+raise)
VPIP Voluntary Put In Preflop (ie. call+raise)


abbrev Meaning
CLI Command Line Interface (Shell, Terminal, "DOS-window")
FTP Full Tilt Poker
GUI Graphical User Interface (normal interface with buttons and menus)
HUD Heads-Up Display (shows stats directly in the poker software)
PS PokerStars
MTT Multi Table Tournament
SnG Sit and Go


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