Confirm config file location

Both fpdb and the fpdb HUD need configuration information to run properly. The software will make every effort to find a valid configuration file. This is the procedure used as of alpha9:

  1. It will first look in the current folder for HUD_config.xml. If that file exists it will be used for the configuration file.
  2. If HUD_config.xml is not found above, then the software will look in the default configuration location. In windows that is the fpdb subdirectory in you appdata folder. The name of your appdata folder is obtained from your windows environment variable and is normally something like: C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\Application Data\. On Linux (+etc.) the default configuration folder is ~/.fpdb.
  3. If still no HUD_config.xml is found, the software will make a copy of the HUD_config.xml.example file in your default configuration location and rename it to HUD_config.xml. You will, almost certainly, have to edit that configuration file to make fpdb work. A message will be written to the console and the log file stating that the example config file has been copied and that it needs to be edited.
  4. If all these efforts fail, fpdb will write an error and exit.

Both fpdb and the fpdb HUD write a message to the console stating what file is being use for configuration information.

You can check your configuration file by running

  1. Open a console windows.
  2. Navigate the the folder containing the pfdb *.py files.
  3. Type and enter. will find your config file and print its contents, along with some test information.

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