Mucked card display: Flop games

Mucked Card Display for Flop Games

The mucked card display for flop game is working, here is a slightly edited copy of the post to the mailing list on how to set up and use. I will update this soon.

I just pushed my first effort at a mucked card display for flop games.
It is not complete and needs some polish, too. To use it you need to add
this to your aux_windows element in config:

<aw class="Flop_Mucked" module="Mucked" name="mucked" card_ht="42"
card_wd="30" deck="Cards0-HMHUD.png" opacity="0.7" timeout="3">
<layout height="546" max="9" width="792">
<location seat="1" x="486" y="113"> </location>
<location seat="2" x="555" y="169"> </location>
<location seat="3" x="572" y="276"> </location>
<location seat="4" x="522" y="345"> </location>
<location seat="5" x="333" y="354"> </location>
<location seat="6" x="217" y="341"> </location>
<location seat="7" x="150" y="273"> </location>
<location seat="8" x="150" y="169"> </location>
<location seat="9" x="230" y="115"> </location>
<location common="1" x="307" y="146"> </location>

Then reference the aux in you holdem and/or omaha elements, like this:
<game cols="3" db="fpdb" game_name="holdem" rows="2" aux="mucked">

That layout works for 9 handed tables on FTP. You'll need to add another
seat and rearrange a bit for it to work on 10 handed tables. It works OK
with fav_seat and picks up fav_seat from the site config.

I tested with both omaha and holdem and worked as planned. Didn't seem
to break anything else. BTW, this will work for stud and draw games as
written. I don't see it being useful for draw because the cards are
being displayed while I am memorizing the up cards on the next hand.

Things to do on this:
display community cards DONE
make displayed cards disappear when clicked DONE - MIDDLE CLICK
making timeout = 0 will leave cards up until clicked or next hand DONE
allow dragging of cards DONE - DRAG WITH LEFT BUTTON
make the layout save menu item save the aux layout also DONE
fix the alpha problem that causes the white dots in the corners
make display cards follow when poker window is dragged
probably some other things—suggestions welcome

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