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How to Set Up and Use the HUD


The fpdb HUD is included in the same download as fpdb, regardless of whether you download a compressed release or pull from a public git repository. The HUD is a separate program from pfdb, which fpdb starts automatically when an auto import is started. fpdb and the HUD share a configuration file (HUD_config.xml) and the fpdb database. As of this writing the HUD only reads from the database.

Running the HUD

The HUD is started automatically by fpdb when an auto import is started. So to start the HUD, select "Auto Import and HUD" from the fpdb Import menu. You will see an Auto Import screen that looks something like this, depending on the contents of your configuration file:


The hand history directories are taken from your configuration file, though the configuration program will try to find your hand history directory if they are are blank in the configuration file. If they are not correct push click the browse button and select the correct hand history directory. Note that this expects you to select a directory, not a file. You can also adjust the time interval between imports; it is set to 2 seconds in the example screenshot. Unless you know what you are doing, you can safely ignore the filter boxes.

When you have selected the directories to import and the import interval, just click "Start Auto import to begin importing hands and to start the HUD.

When a file is imported fpdb will attempt to find the table window associated with that change and overlay the stat windows.

FIXME - Picture of default HUD stats on table here.

Tweaking the HUD

By default the stat windows have two rows and three columns.

VPIP PRF ffreq_1
# Hands wtsd wmsd

This layout can be changed in a number of ways.

FIXME - examples of the following:

- Changing the no of rows and cols

- Changing fg/bg colour

- Changing opacity

- Adding additional stats

Stat Description
WMsF Won $ when saw flop/4th.
a_freq_1 Flop/4th aggression frequency.
a_freq_123 Post-Flop aggression frequency.
a_freq_123_0 Post-Flop aggression frequency (no decimals).
a_freq_2 Turn/5th aggression frequency.
a_freq_3 River/6th aggression frequency.
a_freq_4 7th street aggression frequency.
cb_1 Flop continuation bet.
cb_2 Turn continuation bet.
cb_3 River continuation bet.
cb_4 7th street continuation bet.
f_BB_steal Folded BB to steal.
f_SB_steal Folded SB to steal.
ffreq_1 Flop/4th fold frequency.
ffreq_2 Turn/5th fold frequency.
ffreq_3 River/6th fold frequency.
ffreq_4 7th fold frequency.
fold_f Folded flop/4th.
n Number of hands played.
pfr Preflop (3rd street) raise.
pfr_0 Preflop (3rd street) raise (no decimals).
playername Player Name.
profit100_0 Profit won per 100 hands (no decimal places).
saw_f Saw flop/4th.
steal Steal %.
three_B_0 Three bet preflop/3rd.
totalprofit Total Profit.
vpip Voluntarily put $ in the pot.
vpip_0 Voluntarily put $ in the pot (no decimals).
wmsd Won $ at showdown.
wtsd Went to SD when saw flop/4th

A heavily modified HUD layout from one of the developers:

        <stat click="tog_decorate" col="0" hudcolor="#98FFB0" hudprefix="" hudsuffix="" popup="default" row="0" stat_name="playername" tip="tip1"> </stat>
        <stat click="tog_decorate" col="1" hudcolor="#006E9A" hudprefix="(" hudsuffix=")" popup="default" row="0" stat_name="n" tip="tip1"> </stat>
<!--        <stat click="tog_decorate" col="2" hudprefix="FtFB: " popup="default" row="0" stat_name="ffreq_1" tip="tip1"> </stat>-->
        <stat click="tog_decorate" col="2" hudprefix="" popup="default" row="0" stat_name="totalprofit" tip="tip1"> </stat>

        <stat click="tog_decorate" col="0" hudprefix="VP: " popup="default" row="1" stat_name="vpip_0" tip="tip1"> </stat>
        <stat click="tog_decorate" col="1" hudprefix="PFR: " popup="default" row="1" stat_name="pfr_0" tip="tip1"> </stat>
        <stat click="tog_decorate" col="2" hudprefix="AF: " popup="default" row="1" stat_name="a_freq_123_0" tip="tip1"> </stat>

        <stat click="tog_decorate" col="0" hudprefix="St: " popup="default" row="2" stat_name="steal" tip="tip1"> </stat>
        <stat click="tog_decorate" col="1" hudprefix="FBBS: " popup="default" row="2" stat_name="f_BB_steal" tip="tip1"> </stat>
        <stat click="tog_decorate" col="2" hudprefix="FSBS: " popup="default" row="2" stat_name="f_SB_steal" tip="tip1"> </stat>

See also An older HUD how-to

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