Mucked Card display: Stud

Using the Mucked Cards Window for Stud

The Stud_mucked feature is a convenient way for players of stud games to review the previous hand or see what hole cards their opponents mucked. This feature works for Stud high, Stud High/low, and Razz games. Below are a couple of screen shots of the mucked cards window, showing 2 different cards images and the tooltip containing the action for the selected street.


Editing the HUD_config.xml File

You need to make several small edits to your config file to enable the Stud_mucked feature. Before you do anything, make a copy of your working config file in case you need to fall back to a known good configuration. Always do this when you are manually editing your config. Now open your HUD_config.xml file in your text editor.

Enter Your Screen Name(s)

Edit the screen_name attribute for each site where you play stud. Here is an example for player MobyWhale at PokerStars. Moby's attributes are each on a separate line—yours are probably all on the same line.

        <site HH_path="~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/PokerStars/HandHistory/MobyWhale/"
              site_path="~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/PokerStars/"
            <layout fav_seat="5" height="546" max="8" width="792">

Add the stud_mucked Aux Window to Your Stud Games

Now find the game elements for each of the stud games you play and add an aux element. If your config file was copied from the HUD_config.xml.example file supplied with release alpha10 or later, you should not have to add anything. You might check it to make sure. Now add the aux="stud_mucked" attribute as shown below:

<game aux="stud_mucked" cols="3" db="fpdb" game_name="razz" rows="2">

Do that for each of the stud games in your config.

Add the stud_mucked Definition Element

Just copy this code:

        <aw card_ht="42" card_wd="30" class="Stud_mucked" cols="11" deck="Cards0-HMHUD.png" module="Mucked" name="stud_mucked" rows="8"> </aw>

and paste it in your config file just before the closing tag. The closing tag looks like this:


Don't forget to save the file when you are finished.

Note on Card Images

The Stud mucked feature uses card images in the Full Tilt "Card0" format. Any set of card images in that format can be used. A file of card images, named Card0.png, was included in your fpdb download. Other card images are widely available on the internet:
Some free images are here.
A wide variety of images are for sale on TiltBusters.
There is a long forum thread discussing these images here.

Limitiation and Known Bugs

Some poker rooms (notably Full Tilt Poker) shuffle the mucked hole cards in the hand history saved to the players pc. The stud mucked window just displays those cards in the same order as the hand history. There is also a bug in the current (as of alpha10) in the importer that does not capture some hole cards on Full Tilt.

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