Update November 2014:
phil_r has created binaries for OSX.
full details are here

Archived material begins here
Thanks to nicheditch from the 2+2 forums for the initial version of these instructions!

What to expect with fpdb on OSX

You should be able to bet the hand history importer, tracker, graphing, etc. features working on OSX. The HUD will not work on OSX. It is possible that the HUD could be made to work with a small amount of python coding. If someone wants to take on that challenge, drop a line on the [list].

Note that these instructions use MySQL as backend.

1. Need XCode 2.5 or better and some version of X windows.

I'm using macports for as much as possible. Head to and pick up a dmg for your OS X version.

NOTE: MacPorts will download source for all packages and compile binaries. Depending on your computer, connection etc, the steps below will take several hours to complete. Your attention will not be needed for most of it though.

2. Macports for python, pygtk, etc

Get all the required software by executing these commands from a terminal (for techies: this will automatically pull the dependencies). Note that this will again take a considerable amount of time to complete, depending on your computer and connection speed.

sudo port install python25
sudo port install python_select
sudo python_select python25
sudo port install py25-gtk
sudo port install py25-matplotlib
sudo port install py25-mysql

3. Configure mysql

Some info on configuring mysql can be found at

Run these commands from a terminal:
sudo /opt/local/lib/mysql5/bin/mysql_install_db —user=mysql
sudo mkdir /opt/local/var/run
sudo /opt/local/bin/mysqld_safe5 &
sudo /opt/local/lib/mysql5/bin/mysql_secure_installation
mysql5 -u root -p

The above command will prompt you for the mysql root password, which you entered in one of the above commands (note: can someone who has a Mac verify that it was indeed the previous block of commands where you enter the mysql root pw?)

Now you're at a MySQL prompt, enter these commands. Take care to replace newPassword with a suitable password (but keep the ' symbols around it). This is the password for your mysql fpdb user, which you will need in step 4.

4. Get and configure fpdb

Go to and download the latest of fpdb. Unpack the archive to anywhere.
Finally open the file HUD_config.xml in the pyfpdb directory. About half a dozen lines before the end you will see this: db_pass="YOUR MYSQL PASSWORD".
Replace that with the mysql fpdb user password you set at the end of step 3, e.g.: db_pass="newPassword"

5. Run fpdb

Now start your X windows client, open a shell, find the pyfpdb/ file and run

pythonw path_to/ &

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