Installing fpdb in Microsoft Windows

These instructions apply to the use of version 0.2 of the windows installer (fpdb-env-installer-win-0.2.exe)—and hopefully higher versions.

Windows Installer

The fpdb Windows installer will install the libraries required to run fpdb. It will not install a database manager; previous versions installed MySQL, but there were reports of many installation problems due to problem MySQL installs. Furthermore, many users prefer PostgeSQL over MySQL or already have PostgreSQL installed. You should have either MySQL or PostgreSQL installed before running the installer. If you have MySQL installed and running, the installer will create an fpdb database, set permissions for it, and write the correct database parameters to the configuration file. This convenience is not yet supplied to PostgreSQL users—pgAdmin comes with PostgreSQL and is a convenient tool for setting up an fpdb database.

The installer will create a folder in your applications data directory and store the created configuration file and the installation log file in it. The applicatons data folder is something like:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\Application Data\

"Application Data" will be translated into your windows installation language. That folder is hidden by default. If you are accessing using the desktop explorer you must select show hidden files in the the parent directory.

Install Database Manager

If you do not already have MySQL or PostgreSQL installed, install one of them now.

Get MySQL here (get the Windows Essentials). How to install here. How to install for Vista users here.

Get PostgreSQL here (get the file) or get the one-click installer here]. How to install video here. If you use PostgreSQL you will have to create the fpdb database and set permissions yourself. pgAdmin is a useful tool for those functions.

Download the Installer

Get the fpdb windows installer here.

Run the Installer

Just double-click it. You might get some informational dialogs, which you should read and understand before proceeding. If you are using MySQL you will get a dialog where you select a password for your fpdb database. You must also input your root MySQL password into that screen. The root password is needed so that the fpdb database can be created and permissions set. The root password is not printed or saved.

Install numpy, matplotlib, and PyLab

Ed note: If you are using other versions of Python, you may need different versions of numpy, matplotlib and PyLab
These links are untested 2014-10-08

The graphing function requires numpy and matplotlib, which are well-known third-party python modules for numerical analysis and graphing.
Download the current version of numpy for python2.5
Download the current version of matplotlib for python 2.5.
PyLab can be found via

Restart Windows

No really, it needs a restart.

Get and Run fpdb

Download the latest release here. Just unpack the zip file anywhere, I put it on the desktop. Navigate to the pyfpdb folder and double click the icon.

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