Thanks - Contributors to FPDB

This page is to acknowledge the people developing and contributing to FPDB, be it with code, documentation, testing, forum support and everything else that is required to make an open source project work.

Most people have found the project though the software forum at 2+2 so most references to 2+2 aliases

Sincere apologies to those not listed. FPDB started life in August 2008, but we only got around to putting together a proper contributers list in April 2009. Private messages and emails have been deleted so we dont have a full history of non-code based contributions


Steffen123 - The initial code drop and project lead.
Eratosthenes - Initial HUD code drop, release manager
Ekdikeo - Contributor - contributed Everleaf support and much HUD work
Sorrow - Contributor - Graphing, import framework
mcturnbull (2+2?) - Contributor - import framework
Sqlcoder - SQL query guru - Graphing filters, Player Stats, Positional Stats queries + general sql optimisation work
Bostik - Author of PokerStats - Postgres linux work. PokerStats import code was the inspiration for the new framework. I'm sure well use more of his ideas in future.
Star-fox - Initial BossMediaplugin implementation.
FIXME - Original windows installer/packager


FIXME - Original web site guy
FIXME - Guy who wrote the Mac install page
FIXME - Any other wiki editors.


Eleatic Stranger - Super tester and contributor - Our #1 tester. Tracks the git repo and works the code harder than anyone and gives great feedback and bug reports. Thankyou.
Xaviax - Tester and honorary helpdesk - Another excellent tester tracking git, has responded to many queries in the fpdb thread on his own time.
KayosD - Hand History donation - Carbon Poker
freerollerjb - Hand History donation - Carbon Poker
puru - Hand History donation - Carbon Poker
freestailo - Hand History donation - Carbon Poker
MoDDe (Sourceforge) - Hand History Donation - Betfair
Jay10826 - Hand History donation - Ultimate Bet
Sionel - Hand History donation - PKR

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